Our encouragement for sustainable value chains

Promote more sustainability in agro value chains


With 9 billion people to feed by 2050 and clearly limited natural resources, it is necessary to find solutions to improve the efficiency AND the sustainability of global agricultural production.


There are now about 2 billion farmers in the world and 80% of the population of the least developed countries are small producers. Acting on agricultural value chains, is so an important lever for development affecting the poorest populations.

9 milliards


  • Global means: promote the participation of developing countries in international negotiations, support the development of agro-ecology and "sustainable" labels lobby for a legitimate international framework on social and environmental issue, follow the WTO negotiations to improve global governance, facilitate the convergence of public institutions and private actors, establish multi-stakeholder round tables ...
  • Local means: organize producers into cooperatives, strengthen the capacity of small producers to improve their access to international markets, reduce the risk of price fluctuations by informing producers, develop socio-environmental labels to create niche markets (organic, CE, ...)




  • Studying, publish and train on international trade policy mechanisms, useful to develop more sustainable agricultural value chain
  • Join forums as UEBT or Obsar working on the sustainable use of natural resources
  • Train students (eg ISARA or Centre d’Elevage de Poisy) and farmers (West African Conference on Market Information) on international trade
  • Participate in the WTO Public Forum
  • Promote sustainable NWFP value chains (non wood forest products) in Tchad
  • Facilitate market access for producers of cashew, sesame, shea, cassava, groundnut, maize, onion, arabic gum, yam, plantain
  • Promote the development of GI (Geographical Indication) in Africa
  • Establish a multi-stakeholder roundtable for Lake Victoria Nile perch value chain, Tanzania
  • Perform the analysis of the agricultural sector in Russia for their integration in a wholesale market - know more  
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