Tanzania Project / Lake Victoria

June 2011 → May 2013 : Sustainable energy and economic development (SEED) around Lake Victoria - Tanzania

Organisation: RONGEAD
Country: Tanzania
Origin of funding: FPH FDHT Fondation Ensemble
Name of partner(s): EMEDO LANESO ARTI Africa
Start date: 2011
End date: 2013


Detailed description of project :

Location : Tanzania, Lake Victoria, in 3 targeted areas

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  •  Ukerewe District in Mwanza region
  •  Magu District in Mwanza region
  •  Musoma District in Mara region


  • 6 communities of fishermen and farmers around Lake Victoria.
  • 100 households direct beneficiaries.

Overall objective

To promote income generating activities through environmentally friendly energy production around Lake Victoria.

Specific objectives

  • To support the integration of local value chains of strategic standards good production practices and marketing.
  • To improve the access to renewable energy to be used in post-harvesting activities linked to the value chains targeted.
  • To support the local private sector in the supply chain of decentralized and affordable solutions of biogas production.

Why the SEED project?

RONGEAD has been working with local partners since 2008 through information exchanges, regular communications and field missions which enabled us to understand better local issues and their interrelations, and thus to design our actions in order to meet the needs of beneficiaries. In particular, we have identified that a destructive vicious circle exists between environment and human activities around the lake. The overall fishing effort has increased a lot since colonial time - and even more intensively during the recent decades - due to population growth and mismanagement of fish stocks. This has led to a division of stocks by 5 in the past 10 years. Therefore, people have responded by diversifying and intensifying their farming activities. This change of behavior has induced even more unsafe practices which have reinforced the negative impacts and led to eutrophication of the lake and spreads of invasive such as water hyacinth. 

Description of activities

  • Activity 1: Promote sustainable industries

- Value chains studies about pre identified sectors (during baseline studies between 2008 and 2010)
 → Fishing sectors: Nile perch, Dagaa, Nile tilapia;
 → Farming sectors: Vegetables, oranges, bananas.
- Promotion of multi actors dialogue among those value chains to optimize their structuration and thus the value added repartitionat every stage.
- Identification of market opportunities locally, regionally and internationally for farmingand / or fishing products and support to target communities for better access to markets.
- Contribution to the development of tools to support fishermen communitiesaround Lake Victoria to achieve the standards of the "sustainable fisheries"label, currently under construction within the World Fishermen Forum (

  • Activity 2: Support local promotion for decentralized biogas solutions

- Setting up of micro biogas plants in targeted communities to demonstrate their efficiency to local populations.
- Administrative support and financial assistance for the establishment of a regional resource centerwhich will promote biogas as a development facilitator.
- Marketing operations about biogas use through different applicationsto enhance local demand.
- Training of representatives for the resource center through the realization of mini-business plans within local communities and the realization of action plans to improve incomes throughthe use of biogas.
- Capacity building of communities’ leaders toenhance processing activities based on biogas from organic wastes (including water hyacinth in some areas).

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- EMEDO Tz (Environmental Management and Economic Development Organization)
- LANESO (Lake Nyanza Environmental and Sanitation Organization)
- ARTI Africa (Appropriate Rural Technology Institute - Africa) 


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