Promotion Tunisian craft industry

2009 : Project of promotion of the Tunisian craft industry

Organisation: RONGEAD
Country: France
Proportion carried out by candidate: 0 %
Number of staff provided: 2
Name of client: Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie du Sud-Est de la Tunisie
Origin of funding: Banque Mondiale / FAMEX
Name of partner(s): Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie du Sud-Est de la Tunisie

Detailed description of the project:

Within the framework of a project carried out in collaboration with FAMEX, cofinanced by the World Bank and in partnership with the Chamber of commerce and industry of the South-east of Tunisia, RONGEAD has received, from 2nd to 9th of April, a group of Tunisian craftsmen originating from the area of Gabès.


The objective was to give a chance to a group of Tunisian craftsmen from the Area of Gabès to better know the French market and to promote their products.

RONGEAD was charged, in this project, to realise a study of the possible positioning of the Tunisian artisanal products, to make recommendations and to organize the reception and the visits of the places and distribution networks (stores of craft industry and importers of the sector, equitable trade, fairs and fairs).

Willing to export their product and curious to better know the even European French market and its tendencies as regards design, these craftsmen discovered Lyon and its many stores of craft industry and decoration. This visit of the craftsmen of Gabès was thus an extraordinary opportunity for the French actors of the sector of the craft industry to better knowing the know-how and the potential of these true artists of the desert: it was thus a question of a unique opportunity of meeting, in a convivial and friendly framework, the universe of Tunisian creation and the world of the tradesmen and French creators.

Here are some examples of the talent of the craftsmen of Gabès.



To download :

       Project summary TUN.04.09 (PDF : 39.4 kb)

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