Program Burkina Faso (2009-2012)

2009 → 2012 : Support to the promotion of local agricultural resources (cashew nut & sesame)

Organisation: RONGEAD
Country: Burkina Faso
Proportion carried out by candidate: 0 %
Number of staff provided: 3
Origin of funding: European Union Région Rhône-Alpes
Name of partner(s): INADES-FORMATION Burkina Faso

Detailed description of project :

This project contributes in reaching the Millennium Development Goals: reduction of poverty, preservation of the environment, promotion of women and advocacy for the access to the markets of the European Union. The suggested objectives aim at supporting the lasting processes of social, human, environmental and economic development. The strengthening of capacities of local structures of development by sessions of training and of monitoring of the plans of populations will allow a better promotion of local resources.

Global objectives : 

  • Reduce poverty in the country to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged populations.
  • Promote the representation of women in national agricultural networks and financial autonomy of women.
  • Favour the local creation of added value by the promotion of quality and transformations post harvests.
  • Facilitate the integration of vulnerable populations to global economy.
  • Favour the preservation of natural resources by promoting organic farming and demonstrating a profitable reforestation for populations.

Specific objective :

Favour improvement, diversification and security of the income for the disadvantaged rural populations of Burkina Faso; through the creation of added values in the local agricultural sectors in a protected environment.

Place of implementation :

  • Regions :

Region of the High Basins, of la Boucle in Mouhoun, North Centre

  • Cities :

Kongoussi (Province of Bam, Region North Centre), Passakongo (Province of Mouhon, Region of la Boucle), Soum (Region of Sahel), Bobo Dioulasso (Province of Houet, region of the High Basins), Orodara and Toussiana (Province of Kénédougou, Region of the High Basins).

Target groups :

  • 6 Unions of Rural Organisations intervening the local agricultural sectors representing more than 2 000 farming household
  • 200 teaching-producers
  • 60 leaders of Rural organisations
  • 500 craft women
  • 40 agricultural advisers (local micro-firms)

Final beneficiaries : 

20 000 people, corresponding to the members of targeted agricultural household directly involved in the project; and other salespersons in the sector.

Expected results : 

1) Professional rural operators augmenting their income thanks to an improvement of the quality of their production, and a better capacity of negotiation during sales.
2) Operators invested in good transformation, able to manage manufacturing units for transformation and including the technico-economic characteristics of the international market.
3) Micro-firms of farm advisory system to dynamize the local agricultural sectors.
4) A regional policy of promotion of local agricultural sectors, in collaboration with international partners.

Main activities :

1) Support professional structuring and favour the improvement of quality.
2) Support the operators invested in good transformation.
3) Favour the emergence of an agricultural council meeting the needs of producers and completing the technical services of the state to dynamize the local agricultural resources.
4) Favour a multi-actors cooperation: Rural Organisations, feminist groups, rural micro-firms, private investors, salespersons, Regional councils, technical agents of the State.

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