Cashew Nut & NTIC Project (2009-2011)

2009 → 2011 : Creation of a NTIC (New Technologies of Information and Communication) network to share the knowledge about the cashew nut world market and to valorize the cashew nut chain in Ivory Coast

Organisation: RONGEAD
Country: Ivory Coast
Proportion carried out by candidate: 15 %
Number of staff provided: 1
Origin of funding: European Union
Name of partner(s): INADES-FORMATION Côte d’Ivoire
Start date: 2009
End date: 2011

Detailed description of project :

Global objectives :

This project aims to contribute to reduce extreme poverty in the context of the "Strategy for reducing Poverty in the Ivory Coast". It targets specifically women’s poverty by generating interest in new information and communication technologies and also by building a partnership for providing support for the arboriculture chain in the Sahelian area.

Specific objectives :

  • To develop a dynamic NTIC network to share information between 5 000 producers and 22 exporters of the commercial chain of cashew nuts with the Government’s Services.
  • To strengthen and enhance the Government’s Services by a NTIC structured network
  • To improve the livelihood and working conditions for 500 cashew nut producers

Target groups :

  • 5 000 cashew nut producers, including 30% women
  • 200 responsibles of groupings or cooperatives (the local experts of the future for the cashew nut chain)
  • 50 executives (including 30% women) of the public and private sector (the future national experts)
  • 2 analysts and 5 NTIC providers of agricultural advice suited to producers’ needs and focused on the market’s demand.

Final beneficiaries :

The population of the five areas of the northern Ivory Coast (totaling 4 066 800 inhabitants in 2002) and those participating to the cashew nut chain will benefit from the project’s long-term effects and perspective. Moreover, increasing incomes of 5 000 families will positively affect the regional economy and also the population’s standards of living.

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Financial and technical partners :



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