NEWS 2013

NEWS 2012

  • 9th - 11th October : Training of artisans on building and managing Compact Biogas Plant : more...

  • 5th October : Biogas for womens’ groups producing probiotic yogurt in Mwanza and surroundings : more...

  • 17th September : Organization of the second regional multi-actors workshop on the "Nile Perch" Sector " - Mwanza, Lake Victoria : more...

  • 19th April : RONGEAD organizes the first multi-actors workshop on the Nile Perch Value Chain - Mwanza, Lake Victoria : more...

  • April 2012 : Video in English showing activities of biogas promotion implemented on the SEED project :

Vidéo Lac Victoria (avril 2012)
 NEWS 2011

  • 2nd - 11th November 2011 : Biogas training sessions within the frame of the SEED project in Tanzania

The short films below give an objective overview of the situation around Lake Victoria :

Vidéo 1 : Big fish, small fry : Golbalisation of the fisheries on the Lake Victoria - part I

Viédo 2 : Big fish, small fry : Globalisation of the fisheries on the Lake Victoria - part II

Nile perch industry around Lake Victoria, widely accused of all evils in the region in the Darwin’s nightmare, have obviously had critical effects. But nothing is either black or white. In this case, many things can be done locally to improve the situation.

From November 2nd to 11th, RONGEAD and its local partners are organizing a series of training sessions to target groups of the SEED project (Sustainable Energy and Economic Development).

The Access to energy is an effective level for the development. The aim of this activity is to show to local people of Lake Victoria that they can have affordable and renewable energy through biogas. An energy that they would produce and consume ! 

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