Merging of Etc Terra & RONGEAD

24 January 2017 : Strengthened by their common vision, their complementarities and their many collaborations, Etc Terra and RONGEAD have decided to merge !

The process, which has been underway for several months, will culminate in 2017. It will allow the emergence of a structure that is both engaged in a systemic approach - the sustainable development of rural territories - but also specialized on specific themes - structuring of agricultural sectors, fight against deforestation, bioenergy development, etc. and always innovative in its approach and tools (Etc Lab’, N’kalô).

The collaboration between the two entities, active for several years in Madagascar, Mozeambique and Ivory Coast, will continue and intensify with new geographies and new projects. The 50 (or so) collaborators of Etc Terra and RONGEAD will put more commitment in the service of the development of the populations and the preservation ot the environment of the territories on which they operate. 

We look forward to sharing this new momentum in our actions ! 

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