Lebanon Technical Assistance

2009 : Needs Assessment of Trade and Trade-related Assistance for Lebanon

Organisation: RONGEAD
Country: Lebanon
Proportion carried out by candidate: 0 %
Number of staff provided: 1
Name of client: DMI Associates
Origin of funding: European Union

Detailed description of project :

Objectives :

The overall objectives of the Trade Needs Assessment (TNA) are to assist Lebanon :

  • to mainstream trade matters in its development policy and strategy
  • to benefit more from trade
  • to participate more effectively in the multilateral and regional trading system
  • to facilitate donor co-ordination and catalyse additional funding in the trade area.

The specific objectives of the TNA are :

  • to summarise and analyse the main constraints for Lebanon to benefit from trade
  • to comprehensively articulate its needs in the area of TRA to facilitate more systematic engagement of different stakeholders 
  • to outline a prioritised action plan towards removing the constraints
  • to identify appropriate linkages to agricultural development
  • to identify specific actions to be part of a trade-related assistance programme, by assisting the government incorporation of poverty and gender issues in TRA and its action plans.
  • to increase awareness and understanding in the area of TRA through broad consultations throughout the assignment.

Beneficiaries :

The government of Lebanon particularly those bodies involved in trade policy making and implementation, non-state actors involved in trade matters and the international or bilateral development agencies involved in trade related assistance.

Outputs :

  • The identification of all the constraints that Lebanon is facing in participating in the world trading system.
  • A proposed strategy to overcome these constraints, taking into account that its objectives and results must have an orientation to Development, i. e, aligned with Lebanese poverty reduction measures.
  • A set of recommendations on how to integrate poverty reduction measures into a national development strategy.

To download :

       Project summary LBN.12.08 (PDF : 36.5 kb)

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