ISARA Training Session

May 2008 → June 2008 : Training session on « Economy and food and agricultural exchanges : an international challenge”

Organisation: RONGEAD
Country: France
Proportion carried out by candidate: 0 %
Number of staff provided: 2
Name of client: ISARA
Origin of funding: ISARA

Detailed description of project :

Objectives :
Deepening the understanding of engineering students at their 4th years of University on the following subjects :

  • World exchanges of agricultural and food products
  • International trade business: their strategies and their role
  • Negotiations and international conflicts, trade regulation on a world scale (in particular with reference to WTO)

Implementation and outputs :
Mise en place et conduite d’un module de 3 semaines de formation comprenant :

 - Interventions of Rongead’s experts on WTO, food exchange regulation and agro fuels development.

 - Coordination of external speakers on :

  • Intellectual property within trade exchanges
  • PAC (Common Agricultural Policy) and WTO Reform applied to the milk / meat sector
  • Market risk cover within agricultural products trade
  • The main international groups of supermarkets
  • UE / ACP Agreements within the agricultural sector

 - Students will be asked for a Power Point presentation on different subjects.

Type of services provided :

  • Setting up of training session
  • Identification of speakers
  • Coordination of external speakers
  • Training Interventions
  • Management of student’s works


* ISARA : Institut Supérieur d’Agriculture Rhône-Alpes

To download :

       Project summary FRA.05.08 (PDF : 31.5 kb)

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