FPH / Proposal Books (2008-2009)

2008 → 2009 : Development of four Proposal Books for a new world governorship

Organisation: RONGEAD
Country: International
Proportion carried out by candidate: 0 %
Number of staff provided: 3
Name of client: FPH
Origin of funding: FPH

Detailed description of the project :

Specific objective

Write 4 Proposal Books for a new world governorship about the following topics:

Summary of the global project

To support the development and the diffusion in several languages and several countries of a collection of Proposal Books, kind of little books gathering, in each field of the world governorship, the proposals which will seem the most relevant to implement the ruptures and the changes necessary to the construction of a new world governorship, more just and more bearable. Work of development of the new Proposal Books was undertaken within the framework of a Forum for a new world governorship.


For the drafting of 4 books, RONGEAD was based on a collective of partners who contributed to enrich the Proposal Books.


  • Drafting of the 4 Proposal Books which are published on the web site of the Forum for a new world governorship and are also published in the shape of booklets in the languages of leading alliances that the Forum has established with the co-operation of RONGEAD.
  • Pooling of the social capital: coupling of the people and the organizations which work in the same direction (division of the contacts developed by RONGEAD within the framework of this program...).
  • Pooling of the intellectual and methodological capital: diffusion of the tools developed within the framework of this program and of employed methodology.

Type of services provided :

  • Coordination and redaction of the Four Proposals Books

To download :

       Project summary FRA.07.08 (PDF : 49.7 kb)

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