EU and agrofuels

23 September 2008 : Agrofuels : EU is maintaining binding targets by strengthening the criteria on quality topics.

Answering to pressure from civil society, the EU has announced that it would review the European directive on the promotion of renewable energy. This is now done.

It should be noted that the overall objective to achieve, by 2020, which corresponds to a proportion of 20% renewables in European energy consumption, remains unchanged.

Moreover, the aspirations for agrofuels have been specified, since sustainability criteria must be fulfilled : at least 45% reduction of emission of Greenhouse Gas, as compared to fossil fuels. We could also put forward that, it has been decided that at least 40% of agrofuels useful to reach the overall objective will have to be made with agro energetic paths which do not exerce a competition on food chains. This orientation is a certain policy shift towards the promotion of ethanol from second generation.

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    Romain Peyrache

    Expert on environnement 

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