Agrofuels & Development

5 March 2009 : Launching the blog "Agrofuels and Development" by RONGEAD.

Author : Romain PEYRACHE, expert environment in Brazil

This blog has several complementary purposes :

Nowadays, we have in the one hand climatic issues linked to greenhouse gas emissions which 25% are due to transportation using fossil fuels, and on the other and a demographic trend which will rise to 9 billions people in 2050.

The first is to allow consumers to obtain objective information on a new source of energy: the agrofuels. Opinions concerning agrofuels are diametrically opposed, according to the interests of those who express them. The main result is that the potential consumer does not know how to do the best for the environment. This blog, as a result of the mix of different skills such as ecology, economy and sociology and a 25 years experience in development sector, intends to give him marks.

It presents a reflection based on concrete facts on the issues of agrofuels for a sustainable development.

We think that these technologies have a large potential and may help to improve our energy production environmentally and socially. However, we are very conscious of risks that it could represent: deforestation and / or damage to biodiversity...

That is why it is important to act for a sustainable way of using agrofuels:

This blog intends to enable cooperatives from the South which desire to improve understanding of the potential of local application of agro-energy technologies.

Finally it contains articles reporting sector’s experiences that could help investors to develop activities using agrofuels, in a responsible way as regards to environment and human being.

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