African Green Revolution

28 August 2008 : After the United Nations Conference at Accra, the annual conference on the African Green Revolution begins.

While the 2007 report of the IPCC (International Panel of Experts on Climate Change) expected consequences of global warming particularly painful in Africa, international news on the subject merely confirms this sad fact. Indeed, the "forgotten continent" according to Yvo de Boer, secretary of the Convention on Climate Change United Nations, risks serious environmental damages, even less acceptable that Africa is responsible for only 5% of emissions of greenhouse gases which induce climate change.

The United Nations Conference on Climate Change ended in August 27, 2008 in Accra, Ghana according to the timetable agreed at the Bali conference in December 2007. The aim was to consider the post-Kyoto international decision. Despite its positive characters on many points, this protocol still presents significant gaps to which it will be essential to find solutions within the international agreement that will follow. Notable among these is the abnormally low proportion of CDM for Africa (Clean Development Mechanism) which aims to promote the installation of economic activities generating incomes and providing a decrease in greenhouse gases. Indeed, while China, also able to invest itself in a powerful and clean industrial development, receives 45% of the total number of CDM’s projects, the African continent, its 950 million inhabitants throughout its 57 countries do perceive only 2%!

Hence, after the closure of this United Nations Conference on Climate, the Third Annual Conference on African Green Revolution opens in Oslo, Norway, in the presence of the former general secretary of the United Nations, Koffi Annan and many African leaders. The time is therefore the challenge...

Will the green revolution lead to improved livelihood standards for poorest populations while integrating changes in the landscape of African agriculture, induced by climate change?

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