Year(s) Reference Country Financial partner(s)
Applied research project on crop forecasting model and improvement of the cashew production in Ivory Coast [...]
2016 Ivory Coast
Drafting of training materials to promote the development of value chains and agribusiness in ACP countries [...]
2015 Pays Afrique-Caraïbes-Pacifique CTA - Centre Technique de Coopération Agricole et Rurale
Building viable delivery models of ICT for Agriculture in ACP Countries [...]
2014 Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Mali CTA - Centre Technique de Coopération Agricole et Rurale
GOURMANTOUR - Integrate socio-economic needs of peripheral populations of protected areas for better nature conservation in West Africa. [...]
2013 → 2016 Burkina Faso European Union
SEED - Sustainable Energy for Economic Development (Lake Victoria - Tanzania) [...]
2013 → 2015 Tanzania Fondation Ensemble, Fondation pour la Nature et l’Homme, REEEP
NPAGRI - Revitalize production, market access and agricultural advice for food and cash crops in Northern Ivory Coast [...]
2013 → 2016 Ivory Coast European Union
Analyze and establish a diagnosis of identified value chains (rice, maize, banana and milk) in the different areas of intervention of the PAIOSA [...]
2013 Ref. VCA BUR Burundi Agence Belge de Développement
OLEOTCHAD - Supporting the development of oleaginous : sesame, groundnut, shea and cashew nuts by optimized production connected to the market [...]
2013 → 2016 Chad European Union
Strengthening reflection capabilities, initiatives and national skills for increased income from Non TimberForest Products (NTFPs) and improved sustainable management of wood energy [...]
2013 → 2015 Ref. FILSY Chad European Union
N’KALO - Promote integration of cashew professional agricultural organizations in the international market [...]
2011 → 2014 Ref. NKALO
Sustainable energy and economic development (SEED) around Lake Victoria - Tanzania [...]
2011 → 2013 Tanzania FPH, FDHT, Fondation Ensemble
PAFPIK - Promotion of Integrated Suburban Family Farming in Korhogo [...]
2011 → 2014 Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Mali Fondation de France / CFSI, CFSI - Comité Français pour la Solidarité Internationale
Project Evaluation "Lao PDR WTO Accession Support" [...]
2009 LAO.10.09 Geneva, Lao PDR SECO (Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs)
Creation of a NTIC (New Technologies of Information and Communication) network to share the knowledge about the cashew nut world market and to valorize the cashew nut chain in Ivory Coast [...]
2009 → 2011 Ivory Coast European Union
Energy valorization of by-products from the agro-industrial cashew nut chain in the North of Ivory Coast : phase 1 (valorization of the cashew nut shells) [...]
2009 → 2010 Ivory Coast Fondation d’entreprise POWEO
Needs Assessment of Trade and Trade-related Assistance for Lebanon [...]
2009 LBN.12.08 Lebanon European Union
Project of promotion of the Tunisian craft industry [...]
2009 TUN.04.09 France Banque Mondiale / FAMEX
Providing education and counseling as part of work undertaken on reducing trade imbalances of Algeria [...]
2009 → 2010 France, Algeria BIOPHARM
Support to the promotion of local agricultural resources (cashew nut & sesame) [...]
2009 → 2012 BFA.01.09 Burkina Faso European Union, Région Rhône-Alpes
Training session on « Economy and food and agricultural exchanges : an international challenge”  [...]
2008 → 2008 FRA.05.08 France ISARA
Development of four Proposal Books for a new world governorship [...]
2008 → 2009 FRA.07.08 International FPH
Mid term review of the support of Yemen’s accession to WTO project  [...]
2008 YEM.03.08 Yemen European Union
Reinforcement of civil society on the sugar chain and agrofuels in Africa and aid in understanding such a challenge together with Europe  [...]
2007 → 2008 EUACP.09.07 International FPH
Cashew nut shelling : a real opportunity for the northern Ivory Coast’s population [...]
2007 → 2010 CIV.01.07 Ivory Coast European Union
Cashew nuts chain : an opportunity for economic, social, environmental development in the Hauts Bassins Region (Burkina Faso) [...]
2007 BFA.09.07 Burkina Faso Région Rhône-Alpes
Mid-term evaluation for EU-China trade project (EUCTP) [...]
2007 CHN.07.07 China European Union
Algeria WTO accession negotiations and the future of the Algerian pharmaceutical industry [...]
2007 DZA.01.07 Algeria UNOP
Cashew Nuts chain analysis in Fatick Kaolack Sokone Region : Production and transformation [...]
2007 SEN.02.07 Senegal AFRICAJOU
Support for the Implementation of the Partnership and Co-operation Agreement (PCA) between the EU and the Republic of Kazakhstan [...]
2006 → 2007 KAZ.10.06 Kazakhstan European Union
Needs assessments of trade and trade related assistance for Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan [...]
2006 → 2007 KAZKGZTJK.01.07 Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan European Union
Technical Support for the capacity-building of the statistical offices of Serbia Union and Montenegro [...]
2006 → 2007 YUG.03.06 Serbia, Montenegro European Union
Cashew Nut chain possibilities in the Hauts Bassins Region in Burkina Faso : Production, Transformation, Market Analysis [...]
2006 BFA.07.06 Burkina Faso Région Rhône-Alpes
Cashew Nut chain potential : Production and Transformation in Cameroun [...]
2006 CMR.03.6 Cameroon SNI Cameroun
WTO Accession Support for the Republic of Seychelles [...]
2006 SYC.09.06 Seychelles European Union
Chad Assistance on multilateral negotiation issues and WTO agreements application [...]
2006 TCD.05.06 Chad European Union
Ivory Coast technical Assistance Program for WTO implementation agreement and Doha Round negotiation [...]
2006 CIV.03.06 Ivory Coast European Union
Implementation of an Export Promotion Program in Corsica [...]
2005 FRA.05.05 France Collectivité Territoriale Corse
TACIS Strategic Studies : Study on technical assistance needs in the trade policies field [...]
2005 ARMAZEGEO.01.05 Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia European Union
Fair Trade Study in Rhône-Alpes Region (France) [...]
2005 FRA.04.05 France Région Rhône-Alpes
Cashew Nut chain structure : A sustainable contribution to peace [...]
2004 → 2008 CIV.03.04 Ivory Coast European Union
Production of a CD-ROM "Developing a path within the context of globalization" [...]
2004 → 2005 FRA.11.04 France IMPP La Rochelle
Obtaining Official "Market Economy Status" Recognition for Armenia [...]
2004 ARM.05.04 Armenia European Union
European Trade-related Assistance to Sudan WTO Accession Support [...]
2004 SDN.12.04 Sudan European Union
PCA Implementation and Preparation for the WTO Accession Negotiations on NAMA (Uzbekistan) [...]
2004 UZB.02.04 Uzbekistan European Union
Ethical Sugar Program : to foster reflection on international trade issues and Human Rights application, promoting actions of awareness [...]
2004 BRAEUACP.01.04 Europe, Brazil, ACP countries FPH, FDHT
International Conference XI UNCTAD - Sao Paulo - Brazil - 13-18 June 2004 : "Environmental and social conditions in the sugar sector in Brazil : a first approach" [...]
2004 BRA.06.04 Brazil FDHT
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